Remote Imaging in West Sussex

a non commercial weather satellite receiving station in Steyning West Sussex UK

Weather Satellite images via EUMETCast

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METOP 31st Dec 07
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Welcome to Remote Imaging in West Sussex.
My name is Mike Jupp and this page is about my interest in receiving weather satellite images.
It will contain links to images that I have received via EUMETCast which includes MSG, METOP-A, NOAA's 17/18 and Foreign Satellite Data.
Thanks to EUMETSAT for their fantastic help to the amateur community and too NOAA for the free access to the data.

setup for EUMETCAST
Is a two PC system, one for reception/decoding and one for data processing, the receive PC being fed from an 85cms dish/LNB aligned on the EUROBIRD 9 satellite, at 9 degrees East.
The receiving PC is a AMD Sempron 3000, with 1Gb of RAM and a 120Gb HDD. It runs WIN2K Pro and is fitted with a Skystar DVB card, the EUMETSAT USB dongle and a network card, a Ramdisk of 83Mb is installed to help the flow of data.
The data processing PC is an AMD Sempron 2500 with 1Gb of RAM an 80Gb HDD, networked to the receive PC. It runs WIN2K Pro and David Taylor's MSG Data Manager, MSG Animator and METOP Manager, all run 24/7. It is also used for image manipulation with David's HRPTReader and Paintshop Pro 7.

Most images produced with this system are quite large and may take a while to load.

Weather Station will be back on line shortly.New Davis Vantage Pro Plus and a Boltek Lightning detector will be here soon.
weather station
Now have my Davis Vantage Pro Plus weather station hooked up to the internet. It is now set to refresh the website data every 15 minutes and should be online 24/7. Please do not rely on the weather information for scientific purposes, although it should give a fair indication of the weather here in Steyning. The station has all the usual sensors including sunshine and UV capability. The station also produces NOAA daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports. Weather station time is set to GMT/UTC so will differ local UK summer time by -1 hour.

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